Rob Howell's Graphic Design Work for Fashion and Advertising Rob Howell-Cambodia-Peace,Hope,Prosperity Design for Kingston SeoulROB HOWELL-FLAG AND ANTHEM MAIN HANGTAGRob Howell-League 91 Sweatshirt LabelRob Howell-Love Lock Bridge for Kingston SeoulRob Howell-World Traveler Design for Kingston SeoulROB HOWELL-GOP ELEPHANT FLAG FOR BROOKE AND STANTONASPCA® Cat Adoption Promotional Proposal-Rob HowellROB HOWELL-NANTUCKET BEACHES SAILBOATRob Howell-Vintage Nantucket Map for C. Wonder- Proposal StageRob Howell-East Hampton Vintage Map for C. Wonder-Proposal StageChrysler Building Print by Rob Howell for C. Wonder-Proposal OnlyAnchor and Rope by Rob HowellRob Howell-Love Me, Love Me Knot for C.WonderROB HOWELL-Rob Howell for C. Wonder-Crest for Proposal OnlyRob Howell-Dragonfly Ikat for C. WonderRob Howell-Anchor and Hearts for C.Wonder-Proposal Only458th Sea Tigers-Rob Howell'Sconset Seals Tee and Print Design by Rob HowellSag Harbor Whale by Rob HowellEverything Is Hidden-Provincetown by Rob HowellRob Howell-Printed Tee Shirt Label for RUGBYRob Howell-Hand Painted/Silkscreened Rugby Ralph Lauren - FlagRob Howell-Hand Inked Lettering for RUGBYRob Howell-Rugby Flag Grin Thru Tee for Rugby Ralph LaurenRRL Anchor Tee-Rob HowellHand Painted Skull and Crossed Torches Tee for RUGBYdamnation by Rob HowellRob Howell-Shiny Happy PeopleRob Howell - Uncle Roy SerigraphRob Howell-Bullion Felt Patch for RUGBYR with Oar Tee for Rugby Ralph Lauren by Rob HowellAnchor Applique Tee for Rugby Ralph Lauren by Rob HowellRob Howell-Bullion Patch for RUGBYRob Howell-RL Rugby 7Rob Howell-Bullion on Felt Patch for RUGBYRob Howell-Direct Bullion for RUGBYRob Howell-Embroidered and Bullion Patch on Felt for RUGBYRob Howell-RLFC Twill Applique Tee for Rugby Ralph LaurenRob Howell-Bullion Patch on Felt for RUGBYRob Howell-Embroidered Distressed Patch for RUGBYRob Howell-Direct Bullion for RUGBYRob Howell-Direct Bullion for RUGBYRob Howell-Embroidered/Appliqued Patch for RUGBYRob Howell-Raven Graphic Tee for RUGBYRob Howell-Direct Embroidery for RUGBYRob Howell-Printed Stitched Down Patch for RUGBYRob Howell-Embroidered/Appliqued Patch for RUGBYRob Howell-Direct Embroidery for RUGBYRob Howell-Direct Embroidery for RUGBYRob Howell-Applique on Tie Silk on Silkscreened Canvas-RUGBYRob Howell-Embroidered Patch on Felt-RUGBYRob Howell-Rugby Positions Graphic Tee for RUGBYRob Howell-Screenprint for Denim for RUGBYRob Howell-Embroidered Patch on Felt for RUGBYRob Howell-Game to the Last Graphic Tee for RUGBYRob Howell-INVINCIBLE-Left Chest Screenprint for RUGBYRob Howell-Screenprinted/Appliqued Back Patch for RUGBYRob Howell-Screenprinted Patch w/ Direct Embroidered Number for RUGBYRob Howell-Direct Embroidery for RUGBYRob Howell-Graphic for Fleece for RUGBYRob Howell-Graphic for Fleece for RUGBYRob Howell-DISTRESSED Wool Felt Letter for RUGBYRob Howell-Skull and Crossbones w/ Banner for RUGBYRob Howell-Monogram and Banner for RUGBYRob Howell-Snake Wrapped in Rob Howell-Applique for Fleece for RUGBYRob Howell-FORTIS EST VERITAS CREST for RUGBYRob Howell-NEWBURY WEIGHTLIFTING GYM for RUGBYRob Howell-Rugby Sail and Flag Co. for RUGBYRob Howell-Ralph Lauren Football Club Flag for RUGBYRob Howell-Printed Interior Label on Canvas for Outerwear for RUGBYRob Howell-Bird and Crown-Direct Embroidery for Sweater for RUGBYRob Howell-Rugby League-Graphic Tee for RUGBYRob Howell-Vintage Chenille Wool Patch for Rugby Ralph Lauren1926 Applique for Rugby Ralph Lauren by Rob HowellRob Howell-YORKVILLE RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB for RUGBYRob Howell-GAME TO THE LAST-Direct Embroidery for RUGBYRob Howell-Such is Life for Rugby Ralph LaurenRob Howell-All County Champions-Direct Embroidery for RUGBYRob Howell-Whitehall R.L.F.C. for RUGBYRob Howell-Double Lion Crest Graphic Tee for RUGBYRob Howell-Double Owl-N.Y.C. Ruggers Crest for RUGBYRob Howell-Elephant Crest on Felt for RUGBYOld Newburians Crest for RUGBYMMIV and Sword-Embroidered Felt Patch for RUGBYSnake and Crown Monogram for RUGBYESSE QUAM VIDERI-CREW CREST-Embroidered Patch for RUGBYRob Howell- R.L.F.C. CREW OARS - Direct Embroidery for RUGBYRob Howell-Label for Fatigue Pant for RugbyRob Howell-Hand Painted Anchor Stamp for RUGBYRob Howell-Vintage Tee Hangtag for RUGBYWovens Shirt Label for RUGBYOne and All Crest for RUGBYThree Birds Crest for RUGBYESSE QUAM VIDERI - Printed Stamp for Fleece for RUGBY1839 CROWN MONOGRAM for RUGBYRUGBY RALPH LAUREN FLORAL MONOGRAMRECONN CO. - Hand Painted Tee Shirt Graphic for RUGBYMEN'S Suit Label for RUGBYRob Howell-Vintage Printed Tee Label for RUGBYRob Howell-ISLE OF MAN MOTO - Embroidered Patch for RUGBYRob Howell-Steel Pin for RUGBYRob Howell-GAME TO THE LAST MOTO-Embroidered Patch for RUGBYR.L.F.C. RACES MOTO - Embroidered Patch for RUGBYRob Howell-R.L.F.C. Flag and Sailor's Knot Rope for RUGBYRob Howell-R.L.F.C. BLACK ROSE Printed Patch for RUGBYRob Howell-3 Birds and Gothic Rob Howell-R.L.F.C. CROSSED FLAGS for RUGBYRob Howell-Nantucket Stitched Map for Tee for RUGBYRob Howell-Crown and Anchor Printed Patch for RUGBYRob Howell-Printed Player Positions/Appliqué Rob Howell-RUGBY Rose Direct Embroidery for RUGBYRob Howell-RUGBY EST. MMIV-Graphic Tee Print for RUGBYRob Howell-NEW CANAAN JAGUARS-Direct Embroidery for RUGBYRob Howell-Graphic Tee Design for RUEHLRob Howell-Painting Studio DUMBO NYC - Graphic Tee for RUEHLRob Howell-Large Inspiration Board for RUEHLRob Howell-Greenwich Village Scarf for RUEHLRob Howell-Greenwich Village 1979 Scarf for RUEHLRob Howell-Spring Scarf for RUEHLRob Howell-Spring Scarf for RUEHLROB HOWELL- Empire Cycles Graphic Tee Proposal for ONASSISROB HOWELL Mermaid Sea-Worthy Tee Graphic Proposal for ONASSISROB HOWELL - ROPE WORKS TEE GRAPHIC Proposal for ONASSISROB HOWELL- HIHO 25th Anniversary PatchROB HOWELL - Seahorse and Fan Coral Women's Tee - HIHOROB HOWELL- Tortola Anchor Children's Tee - HIHOROB HOWELL- Antigua Sloop Children's Tee - HIHORob Howell-PELICAN ICON EMBROIDERY FOR ROSÉ PISTOL, SARob Howell-BOXER AND STONE LOGORob Howell - Crossed Anchors and Triton - Dark SeasRob Howell-Stamp Proposals for John VarvatosROB HOWELL-NEW CANAAN SOCIETYROB HOWELL-CUSTOM HERALDRY FOR JACK CARLSONROB HOWELL-JOHN GALLAGHER CLOTHING BRAND BOOKROB HOWELL-MADISON WOOLEN COMPANY STAMPROB HOWELL-MONOGRAM FOR GREENWICH VILLAGE BACKGAMMON SOCIETYROB HOWELL-NOT TO BE TAKEN FROM GYMROB HOWELL-UNIVERSITY PLACE-RALPH LAURENROB HOWELL-MONOGRAM CREST FOR BULLION FOR MIND THE GAP